Phenix Design System | UI Framework

Phenix Design System

Utilities Based Front-End Framework

Simple, Effective, and powerful user-interface framework for faster and easier web development with today performance, utilize prebuilt grid system and components, and bring projects to life with powerful JavaScript plugins.

just Wait for it

yes it is another framework but smaller, faster, simple to understand, makes you write a clean human code

but most of all you properly will never need any thing with it to build whatever you need with your own rules.

Your Workspace
!Your Rules

Phenix is Build for Phenix
but is free to use for anyone

the design system was build for personal use and published for who ever is interested and will always go forward with phenix needs.

Familiar and Easy to move from

phenix design system build to be familiar for make it easy to move from it to any other framework without losing your head.

Never Forget Your Skills

phenix is not meant for those how hate to code its build RAW which means you build-up on it your design concept using some of your own CSS and JavaScript so try to learn its way of thinking

You Control Everything

nothing in phenix works from it self and everything will work and load when you only need it to, which make it perfect to work alongside React, Vue, Angular frameworks

Fully RTL Support

phenix design system is the real deal multi-language support framework is build with a dynamic mechanism to shift everything with logical properties and utilities

Variables and Data API

the design system and every primary based component has its CSS variables to control it and shift it as you wish, and all JavaScript plugins support options with data-attribute API

Ready to Dig into Phenix ?

its ready for you when you are give it a try you might fall in love with it

Key Features

Give it a try you might fall in love with it

you can start using phenix design system from GitHub or npm or you can download the source

Copyright (c) 2021-Present, Phenix D.S (Abdullah.Ramadan) Licensed under the terms of the MIT License.